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Youthfire is a queer performance artist and music producer from Melbourne. Serving intimate vocals accompanied by quirky dance beats, Youthfire’s music is influenced by futuristic perceptions of new wave and 1980’s pop music. Youthfire’s live performance combines performance art, drag, music and projected visuals for an immersive experience, whilst also featuring guest artists such as Mo•louie, Max Lawrence and Fem.


Stephen Carmichael, the brainchild behind the Melbourne project, has previously garnered adoration with songs ‘Emerging,’ ‘Puppet’ and ‘Lift Me Up’, and their latest single ‘Nice Boys’ is proving to be no exception.


“Nice Boys” took inspiration from the 2017, documentary ‘100 Men’, where Youthfire explores the broader cultural and historical context surrounding queerness. “It’s like if Bon Iver renovated that cabin in the woods into a hook up spot.” – Dave Ruby Howe, triple j unearthed.


Off the back of ‘Nice Boys’, Youthfire is excited to be gearing up for a string of single releases in 2020.

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