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Love is all around me

Abundant. Clear.

Love is universal.

The mountains sing of love,

it echoes in our hearts. LOVE.

It’s something we can never understand, fully.

What is love?

Love is letting go.

Love is holding on to what matters.

Love can change your spirit, your mind.

Your body.

You can grow

Love can make you evolve.

I don’t believe that love is static.

Love does not stand still.

Love is a time machine.

Love has it’s own time zone.

Love connects me to you.

Love can make me do foolish things

Love does not have any boundaries

How could it. Love made you.

It made me. It made absolutely everything.

I’m not afraid to fall because I know that love will hold me. Firmly.

A smile from a stranger. A hug from my mother. A warm coffee on a winters day. Love is right there. In every breathe.

Love is not bound by colours. Love is the FULL SPECTRUM. It’s joyous.

What love means to me is acceptance.

Even towards the things I do not understand.

I accept the things I fear the most.

I don’t know you. But I accept you.

I love you. I hold you in my arms.

I love you.

I accept you. I accept you.

I am you.



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